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Hypnotherapy is an ancient relaxation technique used to bring a person into a trance like state in order to reach a goal. It can be used to assist a person in so many many ways… relaxation, weight loss, smoking cessation, overcoming fears and phobias, reducing symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety, grief, shame, increasing intuition, increasing memory recall, improving skills, etc.

People are often first introduced to hypnotherapy through comedic or entertainment shows. While often fun to watch, this is not the type of hypnotherapy I offer. While we can often be mesmerized or entranced by television and radio ads, politicians, spiritual leaders, etc by continuous repetitions, it is unlikely that you can be hypnotized without your permission. For instance, you would have to turn the television on in order for the bombardment of advertisements to hypnotize you into buying their product.  It is up to you, how deep you are willing to go.  Also, it is virtually impossible for anyone to become “stuck” in hypnosis.  A hypnotized person is perfectly capable of coming out of hypnosis to respond to an emergency, and if a session were interrupted before the que to come out of the trance like state, a person would eventually just wake up or drift off to sleep.  Although many of us go into a hypnotic state while driving (highway hypnosis is when you find yourself several exits past where you were with no recollection of how you were driving without consciously paying attention) it is imperative to never attempt hypnosis while driving or operating machinery.


Hypnosis is safe and beneficial.  Often people feel incredibly relaxed and rejuvenated upon waking from hypnosis.  With your ability to trust, breathe and let go, you will be guided within to release blocks, free yourself from unhealthy patterns and perspectives, and reach your intended goals with greater ease.


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