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Energy Healing



Become fully emerged with the Universal Life Force

that nourishes each of us with vitality. 

Reiki broken down means Rei ~ Universal / Ki ~ Life Force. 

It was created and developed by Usui.


We all have the ability to make ourselves and others feel better through touch and energy and we can all channel it and share it.  It is an innate gift that each of us were blessed with at birth.  Similar to the ability to sing, create, dance, tell stories, the more we practice, the easier a skill becomes.   I have spent the last three decades becoming a Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master, learning, training to allow this beautiful flow of energy to run through me and around me to the areas within a client’s energetic field that need it most and training others to do the same.  I am most grateful to my many teachers, especially Evangeline Cathcart, Laura Salafia, and William Rand and profoundly humbled by the many Angels and Light Beings and Divine Mother who guide me and channel through me during each session. 

Reiki may assist the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual fields.  Clients have come for relaxation or stress relief and then realized that a chronic pain has lessened or disappeared, or a troubled relationship suddenly begins to heal or finally come to completion or the perfect doctor/solution/answer/experience/career comes along.


Reiki has been used for hundreds if not thousands of years.  Humans have placed their hands on one another to comfort and heal since time began.  It is an unexplainable experience.  A divine hug from the Universe

Crystalline Consciousness Technique

Crystalline Consciousness Technique was developed by Gia Combs-Ramirez and taught to me by Kathy Forest. The Planet Earth has been transforming in the Great Shift of Ages. The New Earth Energy has arrived and part of that energy is a living crystalline energy system. Now more than ever, we recognize ourselves as energetic beings, not just physical matter. 


Gia Combs-Ramirez describes the Crystalline Energy System (CES) in this way: 


“The Crystalline Energy System is a new operating system for the physical body that is created from the body’s water element, connective tissue and mineral salts. It has a neutral “feel” to it, versus the electromagnetic energy system which can get very entangled. The CES can handle large amounts of energy and information without getting overwhelmed like the electromagnetic system. It accelerates communication instantaneously throughout the body. Many consider communication to be the key to health. The CES is also able to hold a great deal of light versus the EM System, allowing for enlightened states of consciousness. “


A Crystalline Consciousness Technique session will most likely include an in depth interview, muscle testing and hands on or distance energy session. It is a transformative, accelerated form of energy work. The crystalline grid is a magnificent web or net that runs through and around all things in all directions magnified infinitely. Using the grid to manifest intentions creates the possibility of miracles. Hope, faith, inspiration and creativity shine and grow here

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