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Giving and receiving love is intrinsic to my connection with the Divine. Helping a woman recognize her truest essence of beautiful, divine, powerful goddess energy within is my honor; and watching her radiate that energy through her life like the divine star being she is, is my devotion and greatest treasure.  

With much love, loads of laughter, and bright shining light, I am here for you and your healing journey – Lanie



This is a supportive process which looks at present and past life patterns, blocks and behaviors that are present in your life but not serving you.  We work directly with your Angels, Holy Spirit and your High Self to clear away what you no longer need so you can move forward with a lighter and more purposeful energy. 


I connect with Angels and divine spirits to assist. Occasionally pulling tarot cards or providing Reiki to further the work.


In 1994, I graduated from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in Newington, CT. Shortly after that, I studied Reiki with Evangeline Cathcart of South Windsor, CT. My continued interest in healing and Angels guided me to read many books and take classes on a variety of subjects. I became a Reiki Master and then Karuna Reiki Master under the talented and well known medium, Laura Salafia, and completed my Holy Fire III Reiki Training with William Rand. I continued my education by taking a class with Doreen Virtue to Connect with Angels. I was guided to study with Drunvalo Mechilzedek in Sedona, AZ where I learned the Sacred Space of the Heart. I completed my certification as a Health Coach with the Integrative Institute for Nutrition in July 2014. I was then led to take a class by Suzanne Eusebio to study the EMF balancing technique by Peggy Dubro, which I continue studying into the future. In my latest quest, I've been learning and developing my skills with Gia Comb's Crystalline Consciousness © Technique taught by Kathy Forest.


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Physiocare Wellness Center 

11 Center Street suite 6

 Salem, CT 06420

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